Top 5 Election Fraud Videos to Watch

The US has found itself in a constitutional crisis as colossal election fraud allegations are revealed. Top RNC lawyers and Team Trump continue to reveal the latest allegations backed by a large body of evidence.

As the legal challenge gathers pace, we’ve compiled five must-watch videos you should definitely check out if you want to fully understand the allegations.

The media coverup is bad enough, but the enormity of the fraud allegations, is far worse. The more MSM try to hide these events, the more the public becomes suspicious that main stream channels have links with the deep state.

While you watch the videos keep in mind that even if a State certifies its election results, courts can still undo that certification if large scale fraud renders the election void, or if state laws governing the manner of the election were broken.

This means that the certification of Georgia, can in fact be overturned in court. Top team Trump lawyer Sydney Powell has said in recent interviews that there is massive evidence of fraud in Georgia. We’ll add her bombshell interview in the lineup below.

After watching let us know what you think. If there are more videos you feel we should add, subscribe and drop a comment below. If we’ve missed something important we’ll add it to the list. Happy viewing.


This Team Trump news conference on Thursday 19th Nov 2020, was a summary of what the RNC expect to present when they go to court.

The two main themes are fraud involving the actual paper ballots, and fraud by means of rigging the Dominion voting machines. Get it up on a big screen, make sure you’re sitting comfortably and prepare to be shocked.

2. Sidney Powell: “It will be biblical”

If you thought you heard bombshells above, strap yourself in and put your helmet on. In 20 minutes, Sydney Powell drops arguably the most shocking allegations ever heard in modern US history.

If Watergate was the political scandal of the 20th century, this is could be the political earthquake of our own 21st century. What you’re about to hear are allegations of a massive, coordinated nationwide conspiracy, to defraud the United States of the entire election, in a multi-pronged attack on the very foundations of democracy itself.

3. Nevada GOP discusses election lawsuit in Tuesday news conference

On Nov 17, the Trump legal team in Nevada, including Jesse banal and Adam Laxalt, announced they have evidence of large-scale fraud in Nevada. Allegations include 15,000 votes by people registered in other states, 100s of dead voters, and schemes to bribe Biden supporters into voting with gifts.

The lawyers had gathered declarations of fraud from over 400 people. Witnesses and AI experts also say that Clark county election officials manually adjusted factory settings down to 40% for machines used to match voter IDs for mail in ballots likely allowing 1000’s of ineligible votes to be counted.

With a margin of only 33,596 and six electoral college votes, Nevada could help win the election for Trump.

4. Trump staffer says the server raid was real

The next video is not easy to find indicating that the original Newsmax version is being suppressed. If you find the original let us know.

It features Amanda Mackki and Brian Trascher who claim servers responsible for aggregating results were seized in Frankfurt. The raw data would soon be revealed as evidence that Dominion software was used to alter the election count on a massive scale.

The Dominion system, also used by Hugo Chavez to rig elections in Venezuela and other authoritarian states, allows bad actors to automatically switch votes, trash votes, and artificially weight a candidate’s votes to be worth higher or lower.

Although the video leaves us with more questions than answers, the existence of foreign servers involved in the election count has not yet been officially denied.

That any part of the election could controlled by software on foreign soil, is in itself a mind-blowing allegation.

5. Dominion Voting Machines and Voter Fraud Allegations

This well-researched video talks about the multitude of vulnerabilities in the dominion software system and is essential viewing, especially since the video succeeds in ridiculing MSM’s double standards.

Presented with a treasure-trove of information, we learn among other things that after the Georgia primaries, a federal judge (in Georgia) said Dominion equipment had serious security flaws that could place voters at risk of fraud.

We also learn that a security expert, Harry Hursti, found gaping security holes in the system, and that it took hackers just two hours to break into the same voting machines during a world hackers convention. Not the kind of equipment you want running a national election.

The video exposes the typical, endless farce of contradictory reporting from dishonest media such as CBS, who are hugely critical of the machines in 2019 and yet suddenly gush with praise for them after the main event in 2020.

Superb, original, and well-presented, with at times some much-needed humour, this video will give you a broader perspective on why the 2020 election was so deeply flawed, and why the voting machine system is fundamentally flawed.

Looking Ahead

It’s extremely difficult to de-couple from the daily barrage of ‘fact-checking’ via activists disguised as journalists on MSM. These dishonest pundits will say anything to discredit claims of fraud even before mountains of evidence are presented in court.

Irresponsible jargon like ‘no-evidence’, ‘baseless’ and ‘unsubstantiated claims’, will rain down upon the public in storms of vitriol, cynically engineered for the sole purpose of crushing dissenting views and suppressing the truth. Main stream media anchors will read them off prompters, over and over again, like wind up machines, or puppets on a string.

To counter this narrative, and while the turmoil continues, be sure to share the videos above.

With the bold stance of alternative media, and the brave whistle blowers who risk everything, the truth behind this murky election will inevitably come to light.

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