The Top 5 Must-Read Reports Explaining Trump’s Legal Route to Victory

Uri Shub | Limepress | 11 Nov, 2020

■ Trump has a path to the White House

■ Fraud allegations continue to growfd

■ Recount to take place in Georgia

■ RNC take PA to Supreme Court

■ AR, NV, WI states face litigation

The election results are mostly in but the election is far from over. The failing, globalist, main stream media (MSM) networks have gone ballistic, announcing Biden as the winner. Yet they know full well this is not the case.

MSM, the anti-Trump obsessed media giants of the day have no authority to announce the winner while the pro-Biden street celebrations are misguided.

These were the voters who were told it was dangerous to go to polling stations and force-fed mail-in ballots. Amazingly, the same people suddenly feel safe gathering in street parties to celebrate a false victory with zero social distancing.

Deluded crowds

As it turns out, there’s nothing to celebrate. Until the disputed counts are resolved there won’t be a final result. States have until December the 8th, the safe harbour deadline, to resolve disputes, finalise their list of electors and submit them to congress.

If the legal disputes are inconclusive then a different process follows where electors from each state vote, not based on the electoral college. This process is beyond the scope of the article, but is fascinating as it raises a large number of constitutional issues.

Inaccurate results

It’s true that most of the ballots are in, with most counts estimated to be 99% complete. But this doesn’t mean the results are accurate. Far from it.

One example stands out, the so-called ‘computer glitch’. In Antrim county, Michigan, election software caused 6,000 votes to magically switch to Biden. Was this a mistake, or was it predetermined?

The discovery and reallocation of those votes flipped Antrim back to Trump, but how many other places had final tally’s ruined by software ‘errors’?

Deep-state fraud

Many Trump voters, over 70 million of them, are starting to think that deep-state fraud was behind these events.

Rigged software, falsified ballots, ballot harvesting, and post stamp fraud allegations have spread like wildfire. More importantly, solid evidence for the allegations is mounting.

So unless you’ve been hiding in your basement, like Biden did throughout his miserable election campaign, you’d already know that the Trump campaign is contesting the results with an army of lawyers, especially in states with razor thin leads for Biden.

Here are the main battle grounds where M= Biden’s margin:

◙ Georgia: M:14,108

◙ Pennsylvania: M: 49,064

◙ Wisconsin: M: 20,540

◙ Arizona M: 12,614

◙ Nevada: M: 36,186

Legal action

The Republicans have assembled a nationwide team of lawyers to take the battle to the courts.

Allegations include illegal court rulings changing laws on mail in ballots, witness accounts of election officials backdating postage stamps, throwing out Republican election observers, counting dead voters’ ballots, and ballot dumping for Biden.

One likely route for a Trump win is by flipping Georgia in a recount, winning Pennsylvanian in the Supreme Court by cancelling illegal mail-in ballot decrees, and exposing unregistered voters in Arizona or other states.

As events unfold, even more fraud will surface as no stone is left unturned . This will  plunge the country into weeks of uncertainty.

Gaining clarity

To help you sift through the large number of reports pouring in, and  to gain some clarity when faced with the colossal pro-Biden bias on MSM channels, I’ve compiled my personal choice of the current top 5 reports to get you to the heart of the battle.

As the Trump campaign gears up, and evidence for the fraud of the century is collected, buckle up and hold tight. This is going to be the greatest election battle ever witnessed in US history.

Top 5 News Reports Explaining Trumps Path to the White House

1. Alexander Marcris: Why Trump Will Triumph in PA Litigation

This legal article by Alexander Marcris, is a high level summary, explaining the machinations behind suspect new laws passed in Pennsylvania, dealing with mail-in ballots.

The State legislature had originally passed laws in 2019 stating mail-in ballots must arrive by 8pm on election night.

Then in Oct 2020, right before the election, the Pennsylvania Supreme court issued a decree changing the rules allowing mail-in ballots to be counted  three days after the original election day deadline.

The problem is that judges cannot legislate new laws. That’s a job solely for the legislature. This means the extension was unconstitutional.

To get the full flavour of the article, read it through slowly and then read it again. Unless you’re a lawyer it might take a few minutes to sink in.

Dr. Steve Turley who summarised the case in a video, also points out that various MSM clowns including the New York Times, deliberately mislead the public by claiming the Supreme Court had thrown out the case.

They hadn’t. The case was merely delayed until after the election due to lack of time.

The Supreme Court litigation described by Macris will be a colossal event, because 20 electoral votes hinge on the outcome. With PA flipped back to Trump, he has a real chance of winning.

2: Here’s where the Trump campaign lawsuits stand after the race was called for Biden: Sydney Kalich at WKGR

Finding good information about Arizona is difficult, but since the margin is so thin, (only 12,614 votes), keeping up to date with the state of play there is essential. As legal challenges continue to mount, details change and are often hard to find.

To exacerbate this problem, MSM dismisses claims of fraud using misleading reporting to skew public opinion. Worse still, social media giants suppress stories and ban entire channels which cover Trump fairly.

An article published on Nov 10th by The WKGR network, does however provide good info, while remaining fairly neutral. It gives the latest updates, including the aptly named ‘sharpiegate’ allegations which captured attention in Arizona.

This is the case where voters were given thicker ‘sharpie’ pens to mark ballots. Some voters alleged the machines couldn’t read the ballots. They were then told to reset the machines which they claim, cancelled their votes.

The article is well worth a close read as it covers plenty of ground in Arizona and beyond.

3: Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Directs Committee to Review Statewide Election Amid Concerns Over Massive Midnight Ballot Dump For Joe Biden: Cristina Laila.

In this hard-hitting dose of potential election fraud, we learn that Robin Vos, the Wisconsin Assembly Speaker, has demanded that the state conducts a deep-dive investigation to uncover how ballot dumps in favour of Biden could have occurred.

Wisconsin is a key battleground state with a very low margin of only 20,540 votes. If the investigation uncovers rampant vote rigging when eyes were turned, Republicans win back the handsome prize of 10 electoral college votes.

The graph from the article shows how an over 100,000 vote jump for Biden mysteriously took place in the dead of night, most probably after election watchers went home to bed.

Chart showing potential ballot dumping in Pennsylvania
Chart indicates a suspicious spike in numbers for Biden around 4am which may be evidence of co-ordinated ballot dumping.

The culprits stationed in murky back rooms, may have rushed to fill in the dodgy ballots, without enough time to complete them. Since most voters complete the boxes for various other races in their state, this would indicate abnormal voting patterns. If time stamps appear on the computerised tally’s, these questions could be looked into.

Take a close look at the article and then check out the multitude of other fascinating posts, many to do with election fraud, which appear on the site. If you’re a Trump supporter the Gateway Pundit Website will definitely cheer you up.

4: The RNC Press Conference Announcing Trump Campaign Election Fraud Challenge in the Courts

Kayleigh McEnany, the brilliant White House Press Secretary, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel went through a long list of allegations, followed by press questions.

This is a must-watch event if you want to fully understand the allegations being unleashed across the US.

Kayleigh McEnany tells us that there is only one party who opposes voter ID, opposes verifying citizenship, residency, and eligibility. Who could it be, the Democrats? No surprise there. The Democrats have been pushing these ludicrous policies for years.

She continues to explain how Republican poll watchers especially in PA, were forced to stand behind barricades in a massive room, 30 metres away from the actual counting. Of course, at that distance you can’t see anything.

So how did MSM react? They let it run for a few minutes, and then cut the live feed early. CNN, MSNBC and others just couldn’t bear the thought of allowing their snowflake viewers to hear painful truths about the election scam.

This is precisely what MSM is adept in doing. Manipulating the public and hiding the truth. A bit like Philadelphia ordering staff to cover windows with pizza boxes to hide the vote counting from poll watchers.

The press conference is packed full of info but is only 23 minutes long. So whether you believe the allegations or not you should definitely check it out below, and click here for the full transcript.

5: Intelligence Insider: Election Sting Used Blockchain Watermark: Video and Article combined

When dealing with the deep-state it’s always a good idea to save the best till last and this one will seriously blow your mind.

Up till now we’ve been reading pretty straight forward news of the RNC and Republican heavy weights being forced into gathering their troops to unleash a tsunami of litigation in an uphill struggle to save the entire democratic system of the USA.

If that was in any way sobering here comes the fun stuff. The article and video interview you’re about to see is so shocking that it will melt your brain. Let’s admit it’s not going to be classed as the most trustworthy piece of reporting we could find.

Yet, in this murky world of globalist elites, wielding unfathomable power, and with a deep-state controlled media actively brainwashing the public, outlying voices can help a great deal, if only to give a diversity of perspectives.

The video is an interview with psychiatrist Dr. Steve Pieczenik, an intelligence expert who worked alongside various presidents including Nixon, Ford, Carter and Bush Sr.. He explains in great detail how Trump has known all along about the Democrats’ plans to steal the election.

To counter this attack, he explains that a secret service operation made sure all official ballots were encrypted with blockchain technology via an invisible watermark.

Once the Democrats fall into the trap of stealing the election, Trump sends in the national guard to assist a country wide recount. The fraudulent ballots are found, and deleted from the totals. Trump then wins the election.

The Democrats, including their crooked leaders, would then face mass arrests in the biggest sting operation the country had ever seen. Trump, the sharpest player in the game, would rise up for a second term, after dealing a massive blow to the deep-state, and America would be saved.

The sensational ending requires a few leaps of imagination. But if any of this was grounded in some measure of truth, we’re in for a thrilling ride. For a more complete picture, be sure to read the article which appears alongside the video below.

INTELLIGENCE INSIDER: Election Sting Used Blockchain Watermark; Secret Ink Spycraft Goes Back to Revolutionary War

The Big Picture

Espionage, and secret blockchain watermarks aside, if neither side has the necessary 270 electoral votes, because their count cannot be agreed upon legally, then the US enters uncharted territory, with multiple possible outcomes, testing the system to its maximum extent.

By this stage, the country will already have plunged into a roller-coaster style, constitutional crisis, and no pundit will be able to predict the outcome.

The only thing we can be sure about, is that we’re now witnessing the greatest election battle ever seen in modern US history.

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